TBS Boar Bushtool

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TBS Boar Bushtool
TBS Boar Bushtool TBS Boar Bushtool TBS Boar Bushtool TBS Boar Bushtool
Product Description

No compromise........that was the brief.

I wanted to create a series of knives that would consistently perform above and beyond, whatever the conditions, be as maintenance free as possible and would keep on trucking when others fall by the wayside.

These are the TBS Bushtools.

I know the tradition for a Bushcraft Knife is for a Scandi ground Carbon Steel blade and a Wooden handle and I have absolutely no problem with that, the TBS Boar, for example, is not only a brilliant tool but a work of art.

Oiling wood, maintaining steel and treating leather is all part of owning a heritage product but the Bushtools are different. They are made for the lover of the outdoors who doesn't want that. They want a lifetime tool, that does everything above and beyond, that they can use and enjoy all day long and then put it away without worrying about rust, dampness or leather drying out. Eat, Beat, Sleep, Repeat......

The TBS Boar Bushtool is made from super high quality, 5mm thick, N690co Cobalt enriched stainless steel, that holds a wicked, clean edge for a phenomenal amount of time. To give it that extra level of protection (oh, and it looks cool!) we have traction coated this version to make a super tough blade. The grind on the Bushtools is a High Scandi Grind with a secondary bevel; I know some will say it is a Sabre grind but British sabres have usually  featured a hollow grind with a thick spine. 

This grind, we have found, not only works well for really tough tasks like battening, but also gives you a really finer cutting ability for slicing and finer woodworking. It is 5" (125mm) in length and also features a cutout on the spine for striking a Firesteel. In this case made for our Fatboy version, which is included, but will work well on any firesteel.

When it came to the handle there were simply only two choices, Micarta or G10. We went for G10 as it is even more water resistant and harder than Micarta and with the Bushtools there simply is no compromise. There is a thong tube for attaching a paracord wrist loop, which we would advise if you are going to use it for chopping. You don't want it flying out of your hand if you lose your grip! We have also added orange liners, not really for any functional use but it creates a good contrast and gives an element of visibility to this all black knife.

The sheath is also designed to be a strong, functional, maintenance free solution to your tool and is moulded to each knife. It features a belt carry option, for carrying it in the horizontal but also two straps should you wish to carry it vertically in the scout carry fashion that is popular nowadays. There is a firesteel loop as well which carries our 12.5mm Fatboy firesteel so you always have a solution for fire on you when you have you tool. You can also opt to add a very handy front pouch that houses a 1oz sized tobacco tin that is ideal for tinder, fishing kit, firelighting kit or a small survival kit OR the tin with a Fallkniven D3t Diamond Sharpening Stone attached, our Flint and Steel Firestriker and TBS Quick Fire Tinder (Colour of pouch may vary dependant on current stocks)

All in all I am certain you will love these tools as much as I do as they simply perform all the bushcraft and camp tasks you will it for.

Main Features:

  • N690co Stainless Steel - 5mm Thick
  • 5" (125mm) length blade
  • 4.5" (115mm) length handle
  • 9.5" (240mm) Overall
  • Black G10 Handle with thong tube and Orange Liners
  • Multi Carry Kydex Sheath
  • Front pouch and kit option
  • High Scandi/Sabre Grind
  • Firesteel cutout on the spine of the blade 
  • Black Traction coated
  • Lifetime Guarantee against any defect in manufacturing, material and workmanship.
  • More information on materials and construction (click here)

Typical Steel Analysis:
N690co Stainless Steel - Carbon 1.08%, Molybdenum 1.10%, Chromium 17.30%, Silicon 0.40%, Manganese 0.40%, Vanadium 0.10%, Cobalt 1.5%. (HRC 60)

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