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TBS Grizedale Forest Hatchet

Stock Status: In Stock
Product Brand: TBS Outdoor
Product Code: AXE160003
£38.78 RRP: £75.00
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TBS Grizedale Forest Hatchet
TBS Grizedale Forest Hatchet TBS Grizedale Forest Hatchet TBS Grizedale Forest Hatchet TBS Grizedale Forest Hatchet
Product Description

The TBS Grizedale Forest Hatchet is a Doozy! 

The TBS Sherwood Small Forest Axe has been a phenomenal success and it was natural to think about producing other models in the range. A hatchet is a natural progression but, being a TBS product, we have done things a little differently. 

I have always found that a lot of hatchets have too heavy a head to cope with a shorter handle so we have changed that. By making the head slightly lighter an the handle slightly longer it changes the point of balance and it makes the tool easier and more controllable to wield for longer periods of time.

The TBS Grizedale Hatchet has taken all the best aspects of the Sherwood Small Forest Axe and shrunk them to have a 500g head and a 40cm handle. Most hatchets have only a 30-35cm handle which, in my opinion, is too short. Having the extra length extends you reach and the power you can get through the hatchet making a more wieldable tool.

I am sure you will love this hatchet and the experience I have gained in using and building quality outdoor tools over the past 30 years meant that this just came naturally. Just combine high quality materials, high quality design and high quality construction and you end up with a great product that will last you for many years to come and, more importantly, perform!


  • 500g (21.1oz) Carbon Steel Forged Head
  • 40cm (16") Oiled American Hickory Handle
  • 800g (32oz) total weight 
  • Quality leatherwork 
  • Option to add an Overstrike Guard
  • European Made
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