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TBS Sherwood Small Forest Axe

Stock Status: In Stock
Product Brand: TBS Outdoor
Product Code: AXE160001
£43.78 RRP: £80.00
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TBS Sherwood Small Forest Axe
TBS Sherwood Small Forest Axe TBS Sherwood Small Forest Axe TBS Sherwood Small Forest Axe TBS Sherwood Small Forest Axe
Product Description

The TBS Sherwood Small Forest Axe is, we believe, the perfect size and weight for all those regular Bushcraft and Camp tasks that a hatchet would breeze through but be large enough for prolonged forest work, including two handed chopping. Of course it had to be portable enough to go in your pack or at least be able to be strapped to the outside.

When we designed this axe we set out a list of demands that it had to conform to:

  1. It should feature a Carbon Steel head with an approximate weight of 700g (1.5lbs)
  2. It should feature a 60cm Hickory handle (24") with our unique, desired shape for comfortable use in a number of different grips for prolonged use. 
  3. It should be able to be used as a hand tool for fine, knife like, wood working tasks ie. feathersticking and close cutting tasks.
  4. It should be capable of splitting small logs for a camp fire.
  5. It should be capable of being used two handed for chopping
  6. It had to be light enough to be used for a sustained period of time.
  7. It should feature quality TBS leatherwork and have the option of adding an overstrike guard.
  8. It should be capable of light hammering work of pegs and wedges.
  9. It should be made in Europe and aim to be a far more reasonable price than a Swedish equivalent. 

When we thought we could answer all the above questions and demands it was time to make a start on "The Sherwood". We pride ourselves on producing all of our tools in Europe and sourcing the correct, quality materials, again in Europe where possible but always from sustainable sources, like American Hickory. If you stick with the mantra of quality eventually it will serve you well for years into the future and has been what TBS is at its core.

I am sure you will love this axe and, although it is a our first foray into axes, the experience I have gained in using and building quality outdoor tools over the past 30 years meant that this just came naturally. Just combine high quality materials, high quality design and high quality construction and you end up with a great product that will last you for many years to come and, more importantly, perform!


  • 700g (24.5oz) Carbon Steel Forged Head
  • 60cm (24") Oiled American Hickory Handle
  • 1100g (40oz) total weight 
  • Quality leatherwork 
  • Option to add an Overstrike Guard
  • European Made


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