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TBS Stainless Steel Bottle Hanger

Stock Status: Out Of Stock
Product Brand: TBS Outdoor
Product Code: OUT120015
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Product Description
The TBS Range of stainless steel products have gone from strength to strength and, after some requests, we decided to offer a bottle hanger. This product enables you to take a TBS bottle (also fits other makes) and suspend it over a fire to boil and sterilise water. If doing this please make sure you remove the lid and retainer otherwise you will likely melt it! Oh and course, do not attempt to do this with our double wall bottle as it will have some pretty alarming results. (the vacuum outer wall will likely go POP!) 

Of course you don't need it with our cup as it has its own bail handle but it is always a good idea to have a product that is universal enough to be used for many different things.
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