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Both types of cord we distribute are made in the USA and are rated to have, at least, a 550lb breaking strain. Made by a top US Manufacturer that has had Government contracts for over 150 years and is 100% Nylon (many aren't!)

Type III Commercial Paracord has a 7 strand core and has multiple colour options for the outer sheath. It is GSA Compliant for issue throughout the US and is used extensively in the Government and Commercial sector.

MIL-C-5040 550 Paracord is the same size and breaking strain as the Type III Commercial Paracord but is made to a very specific set of guidelines dictated by the US Military. The only visible difference is that it has an additional tracer line within the 7 strand core.

We have decided to not offer any of the Polyester cord that is so prevalent nowadays as, although it may look good, no Chinese factory can make any guarantees as to the breaking strains and quality of this type of product. The reason Paracord is referred to as "550 Cord" is because 550 refers to the minimum breaking strain - 550lbs. Many call theirs 550 Paracord but 99% of it will be the Polyester product that is not rated at all.